Four-year-old Ava Adams was born premature. At only 27 weeks old, she started a long 15-month process of 12 surgeries. Her brave parents, Brittany and Jamison, now credit country music legend Willie Nelson for saving Ava’s life. But she needs prayers for a full recovery.

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With 213 days in the NICU, the parents prayed and played music for her:

“Any time she was having a bad day, you could play Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash or Ray Price and her stats would come up, she would start doing better just almost immediately,” Jamison tells News Channel 10 in Amarillo, Texas.

As she grew older and lived through one miracle after another, she responded the most to Willie Nelson’s voice. Now she is is older, and carries a backpack with a feeding tube and a Willie Nelson doll. She carries it everywhere!

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They thank Willie Nelson for the profound impact he has had:

Her mother says they’re going to be patient and wait for another opportunity to see Nelson when the venue is conducive to Ava’s needs. Until then, she offers up her thanks to the country icon.

“You have no clue how many times you’ve actually saved our daughter’s life,” Brittany says. “There were times where her heart rate was incredibly low. She was … cardiac, she was not doing well. She spent so long in there and it was such a long road, but actually just playing that music for her really, really did change and save her life.

via Taste of Country

Her struggle continues, but it’s clear that Willie Nelson inspired this little girl to fight for her life during these surgeries. Willie changed her life forever, and we are ALL praying for Ava!

Please share this powerful example of what Willie Nelson’s music can do. May God Bless Ava Adams and her family.