hillary tongue
As soon as Hillary’s boring presidential nomination acceptance speech ended at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia, the Internet exploded after viewers notice something REALLY strange.

The social media site Twitter began showing tweets with the tag “Hillary’s tongue.”

What were people tweeting about? Well, take a look:

Gah!! What the heck is that!?

This entertained, bewildered, and creeped-out the internet for at least an hour as people were positing that it might have been a cancerous growth, or something that Slick Willy caught on his many excursions to his friend’s underage orgy island.

Whatever it is, it’ll haunt your dreams now.

See if you can spot it in any of the footage from her speech:

What do you think is on Hillary’s tongue?! Try to keep it PG down there in the comments section OK, people?!