What Could The First Year Of A Biden Administration Look Like?

The changes will be drastic and dangerous.


If by the great misjudgment of the American people in November Joe Biden is elected the next president of the United States, what will his administration bring to the country in 2021 when he takes office in January?

In many areas there will not only be a 180-degree turnaround from Trump policies, but some actions that Biden will implement for the hard left, to compensate them for their general election support, will be unprecedented in American history. Here is the likely scenario.

Culture— Expect cancel culture to be officially supported by the federal government.


Monuments, statues, and memorials to American history and heroes will be torn down. Most will be destroyed. Some will be replaced by socialist themes and icons.

Defense and national security— There will be a radical American pullback from across the globe. “Defund the police” will become “defund the military.” Armed forces budgets will be slashed over 50 percent. National Guard and Reserve budgets will be almost eliminated so there can be no effective armed response to Antifa or Black Lives Matter paramilitary actions.

Far-left social engineering will be practiced in any force that is left. The military will be used as a means of indoctrination into PC socialism, not as a means of national defense. Foreign policy will cozy up to China, Venezuela, and Cuba. American allies like Israel and India will have to fend for themselves. Foreign military and naval bases will be abandoned. Taliban and other foreign terrorist groups will again have the means and opportunity to attack American soil.

Education— Education policies will be ripped away from local control and federalized across the nation. Federal curriculum mandates will force schools to teach anti-faith, anti-family, anti-police, and seriously Anti-American subject matter.

Border security— The borders, at least in the South, will be flung wide open. The Trump border wall will be torn down. The Border Patrol will be defunded. Federal mandates by executive orders will force states to give special treatment and benefits to new immigrants.

Border states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California will be overrun by Mexican and Central American immigrants. They will be immediately registered to vote, the goal being to flip Texas and Arizona to the Democrats. The goal will be achieved by the 2022 midterm elections and Republicans will be trounced at the polls, losing the Senate and losing at least 30 in the House.

Healthcare— Obamacare plus will become the law of the land. Socialized medicine will replace private practice in most places, though very expensive private healthcare will still be available for the wealthy and government leaders. COVID will be declared cured and future viruses may be utilized, again, for political purposes.

Environment— With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likely in charge at EPA, radical green policies will prevail. Costs will rise throughout the economy, as draconian green restrictions and edicts are adopted.

Economy— Elizabeth Warren will be in charge. Need we say more?

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 10, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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