GOP Rep. Wes Goodman Resigns After Accusations of ‘Inappropriate Behavior’

wes goodman

Harvey Weinstein has come to Ohio.

Well, kinda.

Republican state representative Wes Goodman is resigning from his seat in the House after allegations of sexual misconduct. reports: “House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger said he was alerted Tuesday afternoon to Goodman’s involvement in ‘inappropriate behavior related to his state office.’ Rosenberger met with Goodman later Tuesday, and the representative confirmed the allegations.”

The incident that prompted the resignation occurred between Goodman and a person not employed by the state legislature.

It isn’t clear if the behavior was sexual in nature, though given the rash of recent resignations in the Ohio legislature, it is likely. State Senator Cliff Hite recently resigned after being accused of sexual misbehavior, and the Democrats’ chief of staff Michael Premo did the same.

The outing of Hollywood mega-mogul Harvey Weinstein has certainly changed the landscape when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct – and probably for the better.

Now, women (and some men) are no longer afraid to come forward and name those who assault them.

We’ve seen similar behavior emerge out of Alabama, where Senate candidate Roy Moore is currently bogged down in multiple harassment allegations that may end his campaign any day now.

Here’s a quick tip for lawmakers like Goodman: Don’t be pond scum. Don’t be dirty men who make disgusting, unwanted overtures toward woman. In the end, you may get to keep your job, and be seen as a good person. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Ohioans were understandably upset with Goodman, and vented over Twitter:

I understand Democrats engaging in this kind of behavior – just look at their hero, Bill Clinton.

But when Republicans do this, it makes all conservatives look bad. It undermines our values and gives the left an excuse to dismiss all of us as lustful bigots who don’t practice what we preach.

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