Weinstein Donated The Most Money To…Hillary Clinton

Birds of a moral feather

Hillary Clinton Weinstein

In Berlin on Wednesday to attend the premier of a four-hour documentary on her life that will be released on Hulu in March (can you imagine having to watch that?! You’d douse yourself with flames and light a match before the second hour), former presidential candidate and alleged serial disappearer of inconvenient people Hillary Clinton commented on the Weinstein verdict.

“Well, I think that the jury’s verdict really speaks for itself,” she told the audience. “And it is obviously something that people have looked at and followed, because it was time for an accounting. And the jury clearly found that.”

But she didn’t get away so clean. Fox News reports that out of all the myriad presidential and other Democratic candidates Harvey Weinstein has donated to, the one who got the majority of his financial affection was…?

Yup, Hillary. Birds of a feather and all that.

When confronted she tried to change the subject, “He contributed to Barack Obama’s campaign, and John Kerry’s campaign and Al Gore’s campaign and everybody’s campaign.”

She went on: “I don’t know whether that should chill anyone else from contributing to political campaigns, but it certainly should end the kind of behavior that he was just convicted for.”

Yeah, that made sense.

While it is hard to find or a Democrat or a starlet that did not suck up to Weinstein at one time or another, Hillary was especially close to him and her campaign used him not only as a donor but as a birddog for other donors.

He was good at it and Hollywood cashed in big for Hillary. Then, oh well.

Now one of the people on that team is a has been selling books to the Hun and the other is headed to Riker’s Island.

See sometimes, there is justice in the world.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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