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After Weeks, Heidi Cruz BREAKS SILENCE On Ted’s Affairs!

Heidi Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz, a Wall Street investment banker, hasn’t been talking about the National Enquirer report about the alleged affairs.

But Heidi is finally breaking her silence, and she’s not holding back!

As she just explained to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly (below), the report that Ted had affairs with 5 women is “garbage” and she believes GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump deliberately planted the story.

“It’s garbage. It’s just garbage. This is another example of Donald Trump engaging in the politics of personal destruction, using his henchmen to go out and try to destroy others when he is losing. And I think these silly barbs and made up stories did not come out earlier in the campaign because he felt he was doing ok.”

She is calling Trump a liar, implying that the article was written because National Enquirer publisher David Pecker is a longtime friend of Trump’s:

“Well, I have no doubt these things are made up in certain place for a certain reason.”

The Enquirer story also quoted a long-time political operative, Roger Stone, who still speaks with Trump frequently.

It is clear that Heidi Cruz is standing by her husband, and is ready to defend him from allegations of infidelity.

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