Weatherman Saves American Flag Torn Down In Hurricane Harvey

I think meteorologists have the toughest job in the news business. Their job is to predict the future and when they get it right nobody notices, but when they get it wrong everybody hates them.

I was reminded of how much I don’t envy weathermen while watching the news about Hurricane Harvey over the weekend – on every channel some poor meteorologist was out there in the wind and the rain reporting to us live.

Paul Goodloe is one of those on-camera meteorologists at The Weather Channel. He and his crew were filming conditions in Rockport, Texas, and amidst the destruction and devastation, there was one positive image in the wake of the storm.

It came when Goodloe spotted an American flag lying on the ground next to some debris. He paused his report and went over to pick it up. Then he took the time to carefully – and correctly – fold the flag.

How many MSM news reporters do you think would even bother to rescue an American flag on the ground, never mind know how to properly fold it for safekeeping?

It was a simple act of respect that quickly drew the attention of people across the U.S.

Goodloe wrote on Facebook:

Thanks everyone for your kind words of appreciation. I was only doing what I thought was the right thing to do. I knew how to fold the flag from grade school flag duty as well as being a Boy Scout! Plan to have the flag cleaned and returned to the school.

A beautiful moment on an ugly day.

Watch Goodloe rescue the fallen flag in the video below:


Paul Goodloe discovers an American flag in Harvey’s destruction.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Saturday, August 26, 2017

H/T Newsbusters

Prayers for everyone in Texas!

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