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Hillary Shill Lester Holt Tried to Shake Trump’s Hand After the Debate – but Nope!

lester holt

There is no way after seeing last night’s debate that you can possibly walk away thinking NBC host and moderator Lester Holt wasn’t actively trying to help Hillary Clinton.

Whether it was by bringing up the ‘birther’ issue – aimed specifically at Trump despite the reality that it was Clinton’s campaign that started the rumors – or incorrectly arguing that stop-and-frisk had been ended by the courts in New York (Holt’s ‘Candy Crowley’ moment), the moderator was clearly playing to one side in the debate.

Trust us, Trump noticed as well.

After the debate had concluded, Holt leaned towards Trump after shaking Clinton’s hand in an effort to do the same. Trump would have nothing to do with him.

Check it out below …

While Holt was busy hammering Trump and lobbing softballs to Hillary, he could have been asking her questions about these topics – Topics we’re quite certain voters would be interested in:

  • The 5 Aides Given Immunity by the FBI, or Her Reckless Secret Server
  • The Multiple False Statements About How Her “Extremely Careless” Actions Endangered Our National Security
  • Her “Basket Of Deplorables” Insult Toward Millions of Americans
  • Clinton Foundation Pay to Play Accusations
  • Her Failures And Lies on the Attacks in Benghazi
  • Her Support for Obamacare
  • Her Deep Support From and Ties to Wall Street
  • Veterans Affairs Scandal She Arrogantly Called “Not Widespread”
  • Her Comments About Wanting to Put the Coal Industry Out of Work
  • Her Deception and Lack of Transparency on Her Health

Instead, Holt proved that just like Candy Crowley in 2012, the mainstream media is only interested in getting the Democrat candidate elected. They’re not interested in the truth.

Comment: Do you think Lester Holt was biased at last night’s debate? Share your thoughts below.