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Democrat Stalker Shows Up To Film Congressman’s Family, So He Turned The Tables With THIS!

Lee Zeldin

Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has been sending paid ‘trackers’ to follow political opponents around and film them at all times, trying to catch Republicans in embarrassing moments or slip-ups.

But a pair of trackers this past Monday went a little further, filming Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) at a charity basketball tournament for kids.

Zeldin, a major in the Army Reserve who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, wasn’t about to let them get away with it. So he turned the tables, bringing somebody with a camera over to confront what he referred to as ‘stalkers.’

Watch what happens …

Via Hannity:

Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York has had enough.

The freshman congressman recently reported on Facebook that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has been paying people to videotape him wherever he goes. While this kind of “tracking” might be expected at campaign events, those tracking Zeldin are crossing the line and are now even following him to non-political events, including those attended by his children.

“DCCC trackers have been on me for years, but now there seem to be far less limits to where they will go to film me,” Zeldin told Hannity.com.

After admitting to working for the DCCC (or D Triple C as the hipster said), Zeldin pointed out why it would be odd to stalk he and his family at a charity event.

“It’s kind of weird that someone would be paid by the DCCC to come track a basketball game,” he explained. “You actually have the camera right now on my daughter.”

The woman insisted the camera wasn’t on, but Zeldin told her to send a message to Pelosi and the DCCC anyway.

“We try not to be political and pay trackers to show up at this kind of event,” he said.

GOP Chairman Ed Cox issued a statement on the incident, saying in part, “I cannot be more emphatic in saying enough is enough to the Democrat’s completely inappropriate and aggressive ‘tracker’ tactics that involve filming children and the families of candidates for public office.”

In June, a tracker was fired for stalking the family of Republican Phil Oliva. That particular tracker was caught “peering into the windows” of the Oliva’s home.

In another incident, one of Pelosi’s stalkers was caught sending a friend request to State Sen. Jack Martins teenage daughter.

Now, with yet another DCCC tracker following Zeldin’s family around, it’s clear that the Democrats have not learned their lesson.

Cox would like to see whoever is ordering these trackers to go to such great lengths to pay a price.

“Unless the individuals who ordered these intimidation tactics are fired,” he said, “we will make sure every New York voter understands the slimy lengths they will go to to try and win an election.”

Comment: Good on Lee Zeldin for turning the tables on these stalkers? Share your thoughts below.