Late Show host Stephen Colbert slammed the Clintons in a funny skit where he time-traveled to his former self in the ’90s, in the quest to find Bill Clinton jokes to recycle.

If you didn’t catch it, last night Bill Clinton tried to rewrite the love story between him and Hillary in his speech to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia – but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

In the end, the ’90s version of Colbert delivered a Clinton/Pokémon joke that made just as much sense back then as it does today.

Take a look …

“How are Clinton scandals like Pokémon?” young Colbert asked. “You’ll never catch them all.”

Via Yahoo!:

Stephen Colbert started off The Late Show by reading the newspaper and realizing that Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention. Colbert wanted to travel back in time to the ‘90s and get jokes that he wrote back when Clinton was still in office, so he stuck one finger in a bottle of Zima and another finger in a light bulb socket. After some cheesy special effects, 2016 Stephen found himself in 1990s Stephen’s room, where ‘90s Stephen was playing Gameboy and singing Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy.”

At first, ‘90s Colbert was confused why 2016 Colbert was in his room (and why he looked so old), but then he realized it was because Hillary was running for president. 2016 Colbert told ‘90s Colbert that he needed Bill Clinton jokes and ‘90s Colbert just happen to have one for his future self. Past Colbert warned that it might not make any sense now, but told the joke anyway, saying, “How are Clinton scandals like Pokemon? You’ll never catch them all.” Present day Colbert then excitedly responded with a “Yes!”

With the Clintons, the ’90s also saw a whole host of scandals including Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster’s death, Pardongate, etc.

We’d run down the whole list, but as Colbert said, we’d “never catch them all!”

Comment: Have the Clintons managed to get away with their scandals over the years, and will they continue to create more if they’re back in the White House? Tell us what you think below.