Watch: Parents Of Jailed Marine Demand General Milley And SecDef Austin Resign

The parents of Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, who has reportedly been jailed following his criticism of military leaders for last month’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, are demanding that General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin resign.

In an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, the parents confirmed reports that Scheller had been jailed after continuing to post criticism of his superiors to social media.

Scheller originally gained fame by refusing to stay silent during the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that led to a suicide bombing that killed 13 service members, and countless Americans being left behind in the Taliban-controlled country.

Scheller’s father objected to his son being jailed, saying, “The only one being held accountable for this botched situation is my son, by the generals.”

The Marine Corps assured that Scheller would be “afforded all due process.”

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Parents Of Marine Jailed Demand Resignations

Ingraham began the segment by playing a clip of General Mark Milley insisting he would not resign over the debacle in Afghanistan.

“It would be an incredible act of political defiance for a commissioned officer to just resign because my advice is not taken,” Milley said, referencing claims he told President Biden that a troop presence needed to be maintained for the withdrawal to be less of a travesty.

Scheller Sr. did not agree.

“While Stuart broke the chain of command, General McKenzie and General Milley and Secretary Austin broke the chain of trust and confidence of the American people,” Scheller’s father said during the interview.

“For that, they should be embarrassed,” he added. “They should resign for that.”

Scheller’s mother agreed and demanded her son be released.

“We want them to resign and we want Stuart released,” his mother said.

“We would like him to have his pension reinstated and his hard-earned medical benefits that he will need after his many deployments,” she added. “If they won’t do that, at least release him and let him out of the Marines.”

Days after his original video went viral and led to his being relieved of command, Scheller announced he was resigning his commission and walking away from a $2 million pension after 17 years of service.

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Parents Accuse Biden Admin Of Cowardice

Scheller’s father pointed out that Milley, Austin, and any other officials involved have yet to face a reckoning for what took place – something the Marine had initially demanded of his superiors.

“Our son called for accountability. Throughout the hearing today I don’t feel like they accepted accountability,” his father said. “I am extremely disappointed.”

He also questioned the timing of Scheller’s imprisonment.

“It’s no coincidence in my opinion that they put a gag order on [Stuart Jr] and they put him in prison the day before they had to appear in front of senators – and tomorrow in front of congressmen,” he accused.

“I think that is fairly an act of cowardice.”

Scheller’s mother claims the Marine is being held in solitary confinement and has yet to be given a trial date.

During congressional testimony Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley queried Austin as to the status of Scheller’s imprisonment.

Austin replied that he didn’t “have any specifics of what caused him to be held in pre-trial confinement” but he “would certainly ask the Marines to provide that insight.”


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