NAVY SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day has a story of sacrifice and survival that is quite unbelievable. He could have only survived thanks to God’s help!

He was shot 27 times and absorbed grenade shrapnel in a fire fight with Al Qaeda terrorist thugs in 2007. He killed all 4 terrorists, and almost lost his own life.

His body armor was hardly equipped for this extreme stress… It was only supposed to handle one round. But with gun fire coming from only ten feet away, it held together. His recovery took two years, and he still suffers from daily pain… but he is still strong enough to complete Ironman competitions for charity.

As Day explained about that awful day:

“Upon entering that doorway, they all just opened up on me. It felt like somebody was just beating me up with sledge-hammers. After I figured out I was getting shot at I said, ‘God get me home to my girls.’”

For his efforts over an heroic 20-year career, he earned 16 medals, including the Bronze Star, Purple heart, and the Silver Star.

And now that he’s retired from service, he’s giving back! Day says that the worst injuries are the ones you cannot see. So, Day has become a full-time Wounded Warrior advocate. In addition, he’s busy raising money for Carrick Brain Centers in Texas.

“People hear about my story and they can’t believe it. I was there and I can’t believe it,” Day said. “I got shot 27 times — 16 in the body and 11 times in my body armor. I was shot in both legs, both arms, my abdomen. You throw a finger on me, anything but my head, I got shot there.”

via CBN

And here are details about his triathlon:

Mike Day, a former Navy SEAL who says he was shot 27 times in Iraq, is training for a half-Ironman competition in Florida and has raised nearly $80,000 for a brain treatment center for service men and women.

The Virginia resident will compete in the April triathlon in Florida, which begins with a 1.2-mile lake swim, followed by a 56-mile bicycle ride, and ending with a 13.1-mile run. The event covers about 70 miles.

Sr. Chief Day said that his praying is what returned him home alive to his wife and children. He thanks God every day for answering his prayers.

An absolutely incredible story of struggle and patriotism. This man has saved countless American lives, and God saved his.

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