WATCH: Moms For Liberty Co-Founder Calls Teacher Union Pres. Randi Weingarten ‘The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Public Education’

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Moms For Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich called out Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, during an interview with The Political Insider’s Brett Smith on Wednesday, saying that Weingarten has led the movement to create animosity between parents and public school teachers throughout the country.

Smith sat down with Descovich, fellow co-founder Tiffany Justice, and The Political Insider’s Kat Anderson – who has been chronicling the “woke” education regime – to discuss how Moms For Liberty is fighting back against public school indoctrination. 

The three moms explained the combination of the Covid lockdown’s impact on public education and Weingarten’s social justice crusade, which became a public battle between parental rights groups and teachers unions, were a major factor in what caused a large exodus in students from public education the past several years.

“Look at the numbers nationally,” said Descovich. “Look at the number that have grown in homeschools and private schools over the last couple years.”

Smith had also mentioned a brief list of the controversial statements made by Weingarten, including posts made to social media stating that conservatives are attempting to “undermine educators” and that Florida’s Parental Rights Bill is “how wars start,” just to name a few.

“She’s the worst thing to ever happen to public education,” Descovich remarked, calling Weingarten’s comments inflammatory and nonsensical. 

Descovich specifically mentioned a recent commercial that was paid for by a teachers union in New Jersey. The ad called the parents who attended school board meetings across the country the past year in protest of Critical Race Theory, masking policies, and transgender protocols “extremists” who are only out to “score political points.”

“Most teachers don’t feel that way,” continued Descovich. “I don’t feel that Randi really represents the teachers I know. Most of them just want to teach kids.”

“They didn’t get into it to raise social justice warriors. They didn’t get into it create a wedge between parents and children.”

Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms For Liberty, was alongside Descovich in her remarks against Weingarten, adding that through her words and actions she has unintentionally become “the biggest advocate for school choice ever to be created.”

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A Warning to Conservatives

Justice and Descovich have made it clear that the old practices of education reform and standard conservative talking points aren’t going to cut it in our post-lockdown environment.

“We say at Moms For Liberty ‘we do not co-parent with the government,'” said Justice. “We will partner with our children’s schools, but we do not co-parent with our children’s schools.”

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Justice pointed out how progressives have been able to capture public education at all levels, from teachers unions to school boards and higher. She suggested that if conservatives simply continued to push only for school choice as an alternative to the status quo, they might just end up back where they started if liberal activists manage to push their way into that as well.

“We’re foolish to think they wouldn’t,” said Justice. She also pointed out that there are mothers out there without the ability to homeschool or place their kids in a private or charter school, leaving them with public education as the only option.

“While we support school choice and educational freedom, we also believe that it’s important for Americans to reclaim public education, because it is a value to the United States,” she continued. “It shows the beauty of what we stand for in the United States, that every child deserves and should get a good quality education.”

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