Watch How Hillary Clinton Panders To Crowd When Asked About Her ‘White Privilege’

Here is a video of Hillary Clinton trying to give an emotional, pandering answer to a question on “White Privilege” at a Democrat Candidate Forum in Iowa. She was asked to define “White Privilege,” and to give an example of how she has benefited from it.

Clinton began by essentially saying she is “swimming in an ocean” of “White Privilege.” She never actually defined it but tried to give an emotional answer – which is actually what this whole nonsense is – a hyper-emotional victim mentality.

“Where do I start?” the former secretary of state responded. “I was born white, middle class in the middle of America. I went to good public schools. I had a very strong supportive family. … I never really knew what was or wasn’t part of the privilege. I just knew that I was a lucky person.”

But Clinton said she remembered a formative experience that gave her a glimpse into how her life was different: babysitting for migrant farmworkers when she was only 11 years old.

“When I was about 11 years old the church asked if we would babysit for the children of migrant workers because the families had to go to the fields and the older kids had to go with them,” Clinton said. “I and a couple of my friends volunteered.”

She said she remembers thinking, “Well, they’re very different from me,” of the children. But then when the kids’ parents and older siblings returned from the fields, she saw them run and embrace them. She realized she had done the same with her father. “And I just felt like, I have a different kind of life. I didn’t call it a particular name, but it was a different life and I knew that.”

The most disgusting part is that Clinton is attesting her prosperity to some racial “privilege” to pander to some political spectrum rather than reality, which is she is merely reaping the benefits of her ancestors before her. White people didn’t just wave a magical wand and create the most powerful nation on earth militarily and economically.

Watch her insane answer below:

Ms. Clinton’s family wasn’t just chosen by God to have more wealth growing up than most people. “White Privilege” is merely another fake discussion pandered out by the liberal elite to distract from issues that matter.

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What did you think of this woman’s answer? There can’t be that much self-hate in the entire world. Share your comments below and let me know what you thought as she was talking.


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  • The more I read about this cretin, the more the word INSANE comes to the fore. If America, God help us, elects this poor excuse for an American to the White House, it's all over, and time to move to another freer, less corrupt nation!

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