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WATCH: George W. Bush Returns to White House, CRUSHES Obama’s Ego… in a Classy Way!

There is no doubt that President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush are classy, patriotic Americans. Unlike the guy currently in the office, Bush holds such high respect for the office that he cannot bring himself to attack other leaders and lower himself to Obama’s level.

This was never more apparent than when – in 2012- the Bush family returned to the White House to see the unveiling of paintings of George and Laura.

Watch (below) as Bush destroys Obama’s ego in classic Bush-style. Incredible!

At the ceremony to unveil the portraits of President Bush and First Lady, Laura Bush, the pair had quite the time joking around being back in the historic Presidential mansion.

Bush even let one rip at Obama’s expense.

“I am also pleased, Mr. President, that as you are wandering these halls wrestling with tough decisions you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, ‘What would George do?’”

…Judging by the decisions Obama has made, he never once has taken that advice.

H/T: Right Wing News

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