Watch: Fox News Host Relentlessly Pummels Texas Democrat Who Fled State Over And Over Again

Fox News Primetime host Pete Hegseth took State Representative James Talarico to task over a stunt in which he and his fellow Texas Democrat lawmakers fled their state in an attempt to avoid a vote on election integrity bills in the state legislature.

Fox News Primetime host Pete Hegseth took Texas Democrat State Rep. James Talarico to task over a stunt in which he and his fellow Democrats lawmakers fled their state in an attempt to avoid a vote on election integrity bills in the state legislature.

Perhaps “took him to task” is an understatement. The Fox host relentlessly mocked the Democrat in one of the most explosive and jarring TV news segments in recent memory.

In the interview that aired Wednesday, Talarico criticized the Lone Star State as one of the “hardest places to vote” and suggested that access to voter ID or even social security numbers as proof of identity was a hindrance to being able to vote.

Hegseth noted that the Texas Democrats appear to find a significant 17 days of early voting and the necessity to prove identity for mail-in balloting by providing either an ID or the last four digits of a social security number as too restrictive.

Talarico said he “oppose[s] having to have a driver’s license to vote… I said I oppose voter ID – it’s the law in Texas.”

The segment is truly something to behold.

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James Talarico And The Texas Dems Oppose Having A Voter Prove Who They Are

An option floated in the ‘controversial’ legislation allows for voters to use the last four digits of their social security number in lieu of a driver’s license.

“You oppose voter I.D? You don’t think the most sacred obligation of our republic you should have to prove who you are in order to vote?” an exasperated Hegseth asked.

Talarico responded that “hundreds of thousands” of Texans do not have a driver’s license and suggested providing any form of ID is simply Republicans trying to “rig the rules of the game.”

I’m sure the social media fact-checkers are going to be all over that specious claim.

A welfare benefit application in Texas requires proof of residence and ID along with an entire social security number but providing the last four digits, as is a typical requirement for many loan applications or credit checks – that’s too much for James Talarico and his colleagues.

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It Gets More Embarrassing With Each Passing Day

Aside from James Talarico’s inability to argue to Pete Hegseth as to why Texas Democrats oppose voter ID, their pathetic grandstanding has slowly drifted into the level of a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

Take state Rep. Gene Wu (D), for example, who has been posting pictures of his food and engaging in some truly beta male-level trolling of Republicans and Fox News.

“My (first) meal as a fugitive,” Wu tweeted earlier this week.  “Delicious.”

The man is literally posting pictures of a salad as evidence that he’s some sort of hardened criminal or future Sons of Anarchy group member.

He followed that effort by mocking Fox News reporters with, well … this.

Liberalism is a mental disorder, example number 895.

Example number 896? Observe …

And Talarico’s opposition to voter ID is in contrast to national Democrat lawmakers who have been trying to convince Americans that they’ve always supported the notion, a popular voting requirement amongst Americans.

While he was making that argument, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn was telling Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that “no Democrat has ever been against voter ID.”

“I say to them, ‘I am James Clyburn. This is my I.D. and I want to vote’. I’ve always had voter I.D…. No Democrat has ever been against voter I.D.,” Clyburn said.

Huh. Seems pretty simple. Why is Talarico saying it amounts to rigging the game?

It’s almost like they lie so much that they can’t keep their stories straight any longer.

Over 50 Democrats fled Texas for Washington, D.C. earlier this week, hopping on a pair of flights chartered by the Texas House Democratic Caucus at a price tag of $100,000, breaking the possibility for a quorum for the session.

They’ve been holed up in a $200/night hotel room since.

James Talarico argued that their sad little stunt is how things are done.

“This is how democracy is supposed to work,” he told Hegseth. “The reason this is different they (the GOP majority) are trying to rig the rules of the game.”

Democracy isn’t fleeing out of state to hide with friendly colleagues and avoiding the hard votes that your constituents put you in office to take part in.

Instead of distancing themselves from these self-absorbed attention mongers, prominent Democrat lawmakers seem to have embraced the clown show.

Vice President Kamala Harris praised the “sacrifice” of Texas Democrats and suggested they were taking a “courageous stand.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) referred to them as “freedom fighters.”

The only thing Talarico is fighting is the perception that he might be Chuck Cunningham, long lost brother of Richie Cunningham.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News, “Once they [the Texas Democrats] step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business.”

The Texas Tribune reports that Republicans overwhelming cast a vote to “track down absent Democrats and arrest them if necessary.”

Not sure how much their cellmates are going to like posters of their little salads and fruit happy faces hanging on the wall, but let’s hope we find out.



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