WATCH: Did Protesters Just Honor Transgender School Shooter During Tennessee Capitol Protest?

Video has surfaced online appearing to show anti-gun protesters at the Tennessee state capitol honoring the Nashville transgender elementary school shooter as a ‘tragic’ victim.

Left-wing protests have been ongoing at the capitol since Monday’s transgender terrorist attack on a Christian elementary school that killed six, including three children just nine years of age.

Democrat state lawmakers joined the revolt which, in some circles, would be considered an ‘insurrection.’

Chants of “no justice, no peace” and “save our children” could be heard throughout the chamber as protesters demanded gun control in the wake of the mass shooting.

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Tennessee Protesters Honor Elementary School Shooter?

Shocking video obtained and posted by Breitbart News seemingly shows protesters adding the shooter to a moment of reflection about the latest victims of ‘gun violence.’

Buoying that assertion are the shouts of one protester invading the Tennessee state capitol on Thursday.

“Every death is a tragedy, ya’ll. Seven lives,” the person advises the swarming crowd.

Following his words, several of those occupying the chamber can be seen holding up seven fingers in honor of the six people who were slaughtered at the Nashville elementary school and the transgender terrorist who slaughtered them.

Some of those in attendance, despite the comments made, refuse to hold up seven fingers and keep the count at six.

But there are a number who hold up five fingers high on one hand, and two on the other.

In the truth is stranger than fiction department, the satirical website The Babylon Bee appears to have come pretty close in predicting the scene above.

“Media Calls For Moment Of Silence For Shooter Who Was Misgendered” reads a headline from a post published on Wednesday.

“Media outlets around the country joined hands today to call for a moment of silent remembrance for Audrey Hale, a mass shooter who was misgendered,” they joked.

24 hours later – ‘Seven deaths, y’all.’

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Democrats Processing Their Grief

The fact that the gunman in the Nashville elementary school shooting identified as transgender has really thrown leftists for a loop.

They have to despise the guns while simultaneously grieving the loss of a member of the trans community.

The seven fingers in memorium represent an odd result of their predicament.

Other strange reflections on the shooting include Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine Clark, who mourned the idea that the trans community was “being forced to fight for its very existence,” and top aide for Democrat Governor of Arizona Katie Hobbs encouraging people to shoot “transphobes” in response.

“Ahead of Trans Day of Visibility, I rise in honor of a community that is being forced to fight for its very existence,” Clark said two days after the shooting, alleging that “trans joy” deserves “to be celebrated, not eradicated.”

Josselyn Berry, Hobbs’ press secretary, was forced to resign when she posted this gem just hours after the attack.

No doubt they’d be holding up seven fingers as well.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • sick the dem's siding with trans shooter , he /she was forced into it , i think not , we the public are fed up with those in need of mental care

  • Y'all say there were 7 victims?
    Bless your hearts, there were six innocent murders at the hand of a mentally unstable evil female, that can't tell the difference between an innie and an outie.

  • Leave it to the Demonrats and a Group of Mentally ill people, ( that can't seem to understand you can't change DNA ) to honor one of their own for shooting and killing 6 innocent people. Much less want to blame it on a Inanimate object ( Like it just forced the Mentally ill person to go to the school so it could kill the Children and Adults there. If she had used a knife, machete, car, or even a Sickle , would they be clamering to ban them ? Oh well it just goes to prove the mentally ill stick together

  • Perhaps we should think of "advocating" for the severance of ALL 8 fingers on Lefty Hands - no charge of course ;) For those arithmatically challenged - that is FOUR fingers on each hand - leaving the thumbs still attached out of compassion for the lunatic fringe.

  • I honestly can't say I'm surprised, all I can hope is that they get censured or a severe reprimand!

  • They may as well honor Charlie Mason while they are at it. Why are they trying so hard to create an enemy? No one cares what they want to be. Forcing others to accept Trans as legit isn't going to work. Just be you and leave the rest of us alone.

  • When you take it down to its lowest level, Audrey Hale knew that what she was doing was wrong, and she did it anyway.

    • I'd still like to know why she did it. Since she went to school there at one time. Was she mistreated by someone. Religion is religion and the Catholics don't have the patent on molesting children. If this really did happen...

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