Debbie Wasserman Schultz Turns Florida Prayer Vigil Into Anti-Gun Rally

What is with Democrats lately hijacking somber moments and turning them into shrieking political rallies?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the latest to do so, turning a candlelight prayer vigil for victims of the Florida high school massacre into an anti-gun political rally.

Schultz demanded accountability, not by herself, but for “other elected officials.”

This tragedy occurred in her home state.

“We must hold other people’s elected officials accountable,” Wasserman Schultz railed. “We must make sure that they hear us! The people behind me they stand with us on these issues. So we will help other communities elect people who will do the right thing.”

Whatever happened to offering people words of comfort in their darkest hours? Oh, that’s right – Democrats don’t like ‘thoughts and prayers.’

Nothing like preying on the emotions of those who just witnessed a terrible tragedy by exploiting them for your anti-gun agenda.

You have to be mildly sick in the head to seek out applause and chants at a prayer vigil. But then, ‘sick in the head’ is the motto of the Democrat Party these days, isn’t it?

A respectful moment of silence would have worked too, however, Wasserman Schultz declared previously that “thoughts and prayers” are not sufficient. Only passing gun control legislation will be acceptable.

The Florida Democrat’s disrespectful display was reminiscent of Maxine Waters who took the occasion of a man’s funeral to start screeching about impeaching President Trump.

“When I get through with Donald Trump, he’s going to wish he had been impeached!” Waters shouted to mourners at the funeral for comedian Dick Gregory.

“I feel it very deeply — I am so offended by him and I love my people so much I’m not gonna put up with it,” she finished. “I’m gonna say ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday!'”

Now you’ve got Wasserman Schultz starting ‘no more guns’ chants at a candlelight vigil. Democrats are a truly disgraceful bunch.

Are you surprised that Democrats would start a political rally at a prayer vigil? Share your thoughts below!

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz,ban guns kill babies.the democtat way.How about we blame politicians for not providing protection for these students.No massacres in NYC armed police officers and school safety officers in most if not all.Every one searched,and bags examined before entry.

  • the liberal progressive terrorist party senators can not let a single opprotunity excape where they can try and score campaign contributuions so they can syphon them away and build their personeal fortunes. this shooting stuff is big money to corrupt politicians. the liberals do not want to fix the problem because they make far to much money from tragedy to turn their backs on it and solve the problem. they do the same with illegal immigration both subjects are chash cows for the pathetic corrupt politicians in the liberal progressive terrorist party!

  • We can *itch and complain but no matter how long this is done, it will be to absolute no avail.
    Wasserman-Shultz is a prime example of the BS handed down in nothing more than the democrat
    liberal two faced stance while keeping to their agenda of NON-TOLANCE of the conservative princpals on which The Republic was founded.
    She is the disgraced former chair of the democratic party and guilty of many of the same criminal actions of Hillary, Rice and the gaggle of associates who are in FACT responsilbe for all that's happend through their constant efforts to maintain intolrance and destruction of all of the princpals on which it's based.
    The DNC is, has been and always will be a party whose agenda is to ruin The Republic, cause as much discord, confrontation , race bating and destruction of the faith based religous foundation.
    The question here remains just what the hell was Wasserman-Schultz was doing at a "Prayer Vigil" in the frist bloody place. The entire party is showcased by the so-called tolrant cast, save one, of the view. Behare, Goldburg and the others are a disgrace. It's time to shut these idiots campagin of destruction.
    GOD Bless America. Pray for those lost , their famlies and for those who are battling to stay alive from injuries substained.

    Nuff said...
    Quack.. Quack

  • wasserman is a crooked democrat. she will avoid the topic of the democrat divisions and spreading of hate, and blame it on an inanimate object. she is so out of touch, Mueller comes for her soon. wasn't she the boss of the democrat party who is involved in the election troubles? she should not be in any position in government.

  • MILDLY SICK? she hasn't been "mildly" since BIRTH! Corrupt, cantankerous, loud-mouthed, devious, and has NO respect for anything or anyONE! Except her IT crew! How many secret meetings has she HAD with him? Who 'played' her like a two string! banjo!!

  • Debbie Washerklutz Schitz is a Dumbascrap Party robot with shorted circuit boards, blown fuses, and Russian malware... She belongs in a compactor to be sold for trash...

  • I bet Wasserman-Gulch would be quite glad to have a gun (or be with someone who has one) if someone was breaking into her home or otherwise physically intent on harming her.....Yeah Debbie, call the cops and maybe they will get there in time enough to draw a chalk line around your body!

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