Want To See Media Bias In Action? Watch This Video!


Can you imagine the outcry if a reporter from Fox News was caught telling a Republican candidate what questions they were going to ask before they asked them? Better yet, can you even imagine one of the well-respected reporters at Fox doing this?

Here we have an NBC reporter telling a Hillary spokeswoman exactly what questions she’ll be asking before they conduct a live interview.

Is Bernie getting this kind of special treatment too, or is it just Hillary’s camp?

Via the Daily Caller:

After Sunday’s Democratic debate, NBC News reporter Kristen Welker tipped Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jen Palmieri off to questions before conducting an interview in the spin room.

As host Ari Melber finished his interview with Bernie Sanders’ senior adviser Tad Devine, the MSNBC shot cut to Welker, and she is heard telling Palmieri, “And I’m going to ask you about Flint.”

Melber tried to speak over Welker saying, “Kristen, go ahead, you’re live.”

Then the shot went back to Melber, who was in the studio and he reiterated, “Kristen Welker in the spin room, I believe she has Clinton communications director with her, go ahead Kristen.”

Check out the reporter’s gaffe below:

Saying “… and I’m going to ask you …” seems to imply she told the Clinton spokeswoman exactly how the interview was going to go. It also implies there was at least more than one question given to her prior to the interview.

Are Sanders’ campaign spokespeople being tipped off to questions prior to their interviews? Does anybody else get this kind of preferential treatment?

Comment: Do you think the media is biased in favor of Hillary Clinton? Or just Democrats in general? Share your thoughts below.