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Want to See a Hillary Clinton Disaster on Video? Watch Hillary Supporters Tout Her Accomplishments…

Walking around the campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C., one would find it easy to find politically aware, hard-core Hillary Clinton supporters. After all, Hillary has arguably been the most prominent woman in American politics during the past two decades and is the likely Democratic candidate for President in 2016.

But what happens when Michelle Fields of PJ Media asks those fans why they like Hillary and what her accomplishments were while serving as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State? The results are nothing short of a disaster.

A sample of the cringe-worthy results is a student who claims to be writing a thesis on Hillary Clinton and believes her biggest accomplishment was Benghazi, “The way she handled Benghazi was remarkably adept [sic] at handling international affairs,” he said. He also noted that it ranks “pretty high” on emergencies she handled well. If Benghazi terrorist attack was one of her greatest successes, I’d hate to imagine what this young scholar belives her failures are!

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