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After Voting Today, Michelle Obama Gave BLACK PEOPLE Permission to Eat… WHAT?

Shortly after the the 7 minute mark (above) in an interview with Roland Martin on TV One – a station targeted at an African American audience – Michelle Obama discussed the importance of the election. And while students and school districts are suffering from her strict lunch control mandates (see here and here), she made fun of her persona by telling black people they can eat fried chicken today… as long as they vote. Shameless!

Martin: So can we, if we go out to the polls, can we say, we have ‘souls to the polls’ on Sunday, can we do ‘soul food after we vote’?

Obama: Absolutely, I give everyone full permission to eat some fried chicken after they vote only after—if you haven’t voted…(laughter.)

Martin: Just checking!

Obama: You make a good point because I am, I do talk about health. But I think that a good victory for Democrats on Tuesday, you know, should be rewarded with some fried chicken.

Via Gateway Pundit

And to reinforce just who they were talking to, they continued the conversation by discussing healthy “soul food” vegetables.

Not only is Michelle Obama having fun laughing at her own policies which force students to eat excessively restrictive lunches, but she is pandering to minority voters in ways that would be career ending for conservatives.

Just imagine, for example, Mitt Romney talking about allowing black people to eat fried chicken after they vote. MSNBC would talk about nothing else for months. In fact, the same would go if conservative pundit Michelle Malkin or Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said it, because of a double standard.

Racism is racism, and this vile use of racial stereotypes is not cute. Please share this story on Twitter and Facebook if you are ashamed that Michelle Obama is the First Lady.