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As Voters Decide HUGE Primaries Today, Donald Trump Received AMAZING NEWS!


There are 150 delegates available to the Republican presidential candidates today in four separate primaries. The final numbers are out… and they show that Trump will be – by far – the winner!

First, the Mitchell Research poll breaking down the Michigan primary today shows Trump leading with 41%, Ohio John Kasich with 23%, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) at 18% and Senator Marco Rubio at 8%:

“Trump looks likely to win, but Cruz has a strong ground operation in Michigan. The big problem for Kasich and Cruz is that they are both doing well and therefore making it more difficult for each to win. Mitt Romney’s endorsement of Marco Rubio could garner him more support. Meanwhile, Trump’s support doesn’t seem to have fallen as it did in all four states Saturday, where he did not do nearly as well as pre-election day polling said he would do,” Steve Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Research & Communications said.

Mississippi, the state with the second-most delegates available today (40) also shows Trump leading all his competitors. Incredible!

Trump also enjoys a healthy lead in polls. He currently receives 38.5 percent of the state’s GOP support, ahead of 20.5 percent for Cruz, 20 percent for Kasich and 13.3 percent for Rubio.

Trump is also winning Idaho, which has 32 delegates:

Trump holds a considerable lead over second-place Cruz. He attracts 30 percent of the vote compared with Cruz’s 19 percent and Rubio’s 16 percent. Kasich is a distant fourth with 5 percent of Idaho’s GOP vote.

The final state today is Hawaii, but because there’s no polling details available, it’s suggested that Rubio may do as well there as he did in the Puerto Rico primary on Sunday.

But if Rubio thinks that this sort of small win could help him, think again! He’s about to lose his home state of Florida:

A Survey USA poll of 937 likely Republican presidential voters, taken between March 3-6, shows Donald Trump enjoying a commanding +20 point lead over second place. Currently, Trump earns the support of 42% of GOP primary voters, compared to just 22% for hometown Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) lands in third with 17%. John Kasich skids into fourth at 10%.

Clearly, Donald Trump is on an unstoppable track to winning the Republican nomination. If the polling holds up, his lead will be historic.

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What do you think about Donald Trump winning at least 3 of today’s GOP primaries? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.