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Voter Fraud in VA! Voter Received Ballot Already Filled Out For…


A bombshell report is out today – Super Tuesday – about a man voting in the Republican primary in the State of Virginia.

In Richmond, the state capital, a voter saw his ballot was already filled out for Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)!

It was blamed on two ballots supposedly being stuck together:

“Two ballots were stuck together when they were issued and the woman they were handed to voted on both of them,” Showalter said.

She explained the woman returned the extra ballot to a poll worker and that worker did not realize it had already been filled, so she handed it to the next person in line. The problem was resolved once that person came forward and requested a clean ballot.

How is that response comforting? And why do poll workers have such easy access to completed ballots?

Another voter – Danyale Little – felt his privacy was “violated” after he was asked to casually toss his ballot into a duffle bag:

“There was a lady working the polls who asked me to put my ballot in a duffle bag. I could see the other completed ballots, so I was trying to conceal mine,” Danyale Little said. “I felt like my privacy was violated.”

It is essential that voting ballots be private and well secured. Also, why is the ballot that just happened to be filled out was for the GOP establishment candidate Rubio?

Here is a local media report about the alarming situation:

This is a disgraceful situation in the state of Virginia. Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump is the clear frontrunner, and it’s important for voters to keep an eye out for dirty tricks.

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