Putin Pledges to Release ‘Record’ of President Trump’s Meeting with Russian Official

On Monday, Democrats and the liberal media and a collective meltdown over a report suggesting that President Trump gave classified information to Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.

Despite providing no actual evidence that President Trump violated any laws, as he is allowed to declassify any information he deems appropriate, the left demanded an investigation, with some suggesting that a special prosecutor needed to be appointed.

Liberals used this non-story to fuel their Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, and despite facts disproving their lies, they continue to beat the drum for more investigations.

Well, an unlikely source just came forward, offering to release the “record” of President Trump’s meeting with Kislyak, none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

From The New York Times:

President Vladimir V. Putin, deriding as “political schizophrenia” a furor in Washington over President Trump’s sharing of classified intelligence with Russia, said on Wednesday that he was ready to give American lawmakers “a record” of the Oval Office meeting between Mr. Trump and senior Russian diplomats.

Mr. Putin, speaking at a joint news conference in Sochi, Russia, with Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy, did not specify what record he had of the meeting between Mr. Trump; the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov; and Moscow’s ambassador to Washington, Sergey I. Kislyak. But Mr. Putin insisted the whole episode was a tempest in a teacup, whipped up for political reasons.

“If the U.S. administration finds this appropriate, we’re ready to provide a record of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump to the U.S. Senate and Congress,” the Russian president said. The Russian word for “record” can mean audio recording, but The Associated Press quoted a Kremlin aide, Yuri V. Ushakov, as telling reporters that Moscow had in its possession a written record of the conversation, not a recording.

Officials in Washington have said that Mr. Trump disclosed to Mr. Lavrov highly classified information provided by Israeli intelligence about a planned terrorist operation by the Islamic State extremist group.

Mr. Putin dismissed that claim, saying, “It’s hard to imagine what else can these people who generate such nonsense and rubbish dream up next.”

If Congress was really concerned with the truth, they would eagerly ask for Putin to hand over the “record” of the conversation between President Trump and Russian officials at the White House.

Unfortunately for the left, such records would likely quash their conspiracy that Trump is colluding with Russia. Of course, liberals, and some RINO Republicans, are likely going to reject Putin’s “record” and claim that they are doctored, as they will do anything to undermine this White House.

The constant obsession the left has with Russia is “political schizophrenia” as Putin describes it, as they will continue to demand investigations, and even impeachment, despite their being not a shred of evidence to connect Trump and Russia.

Even a prominent Democrat, Senator Chris Murphy was forced to concede that there was no smoking gun linking President Trump to Russia, but his calls for more investigations continue.

Do you think Putin should release the “record” regarding Trump’s meeting with Russian officials? Share your thoughts below! 


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  • Putin is doing what he can to disrupt America. That's why he supported the Trump candidacy.

    And Trump had already expressed his admiration for the communist dictator.


  • The media is using the tactic of the "big lie". You say it often enough, people start to believe it. The television stations are inundated with these reports 24/7, and most Americans cannot witnstand that kind of pressure, no matter how cockamamie the story is. Even when they are pro ved to be wrong, the media just keeps publicizing the story. It's an old trick. The only people who should be impeached is the media. I WANT THEM OFF THE STATIONS, AND SOMEONE SHOULD BRING A LAWSUIT TO GET THESE LIARS OFF TELEVISION STATIONS.

  • I see Trump has to deal with ignorant snowflakes, a.k.a. Congresspeople who constantly accuse him of everything without hard evidence. I had the misfortune of trying to get help from my Representatives office. I was called 'racist' by the office manager for not speaking with a Hispanic with very bad English skills. Mark Pocan's offices (WI & D.C.) told me they would not help me if I did not apologize to the Hispanic with very bad English skills. So, I sit here with a Social Security/IRS problem with no one to help. This is what we voted in to represent us in WI, a do-nothing Congressman with 2 offices filled with people who really do not want to help constituents, but only draw a paycheck for being there. Please tell me WHY I pay taxes to be represented in Congress???

  • The President can declassify any document that he wants. But, he actually has to do it.

    Not just accidentally let some secret information slip out. And then claim "I meant to do that".

    Read the rules on classification.

  • #1 Putin's 5record would be white washed to hide his collusion.
    #2 The fact that Putin has a verbatim record (meaning audio which is then transcribed to paper), is issue enough. What is a RUSSIAN doing with a word for word verbatim record of the Oval Office to begin with? THAT ALONE is grounds enough for dismissing trump for GROSS negligence and endangering the people of America.

    BY all means lets get this record from Putin just for the laughs it will cause. Because that would be the only use for such a "report".

  • Oboob gave the Russians information and we were all upset and yet that Treasonous idiot got away with it. Now President Trump does nothing and he is being blocked with this crazy nonsense. They can't stand the idea that he is doing so much to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in such a short time and with none of the back stabbing of the American people that Oboob and his crooked administration committed.

  • I wish Attorney General Sessions would indict some of the people and media making these false statements and make them prove their accusations in court and when they can't that will open the door for the President to sue them for defamation of character! Only by legal means will they ever put a stop to the rampant lying by the left-wing liberals and news media! Hit them where it hurts! In their wallets! In other words make them put up or shut up!

  • These demonCRAPS don't seem to understand that PRESIDENT TRUMP can give anything, classified or not to anyone he wants to. He cannot break the law on this as he has the lone ability to declassify anything he wants to at any time, without any prior arrangement. If he did this, which seems unlikely, it was declassified the minute he did it. He broke no laws. The demonCRAPS, however, break laws every time they waste good air.

  • I wonder if the democrats just think if they keep up with this Russia narrative long enough that they will win a prize for it. I don't think they will be passing out cigars anytime soon. Whatever Putin's thought's are you can rest assured they will be to his advantage in some way. What ever Putin does or doesn't do I'm sure will be used to the max. All of this on the democrats part looking for a smoking gun dissipates into a harmless water vapor that even the democrat Chris Murphy was forced to concede that there was nothing linking President Trump to Russia.

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