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Virginia Senate Stops Gun Control Bill Backed by Northam

Two Democrats joined Republicans in the Virginia State Senate to block a gun control bill supported by Governor Ralph Northam.

Gun Grabbers Defeated in the Senate

The bill would have made it a felony to “recklessly leave a loaded, unsecured firearm” in such a way that a minor would gain access to it. Alena Yarmosky, a spokeswoman for Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, said that the bill would “keep children safe from loaded, unsecured firearms.” Just like the governor’s other “commonsense gun measures, it is something that everyone – including responsible gun owners – should support,” Yarmosky said.

However, The Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee voted against the bill. State Senators Creigh Deeds and Chap Petersen, both Democrats, joined together with the Republicans to defeat it. Another bill, designed to ban “assault weapons,” like the AR-15, “is also in danger of falling short,” according to Fox News.

This defeat is a knockback for the gungrabbing Northam, who recently succeeded in passing seven pieces of anti-gun legislation in Virginia’s House of Delegates last week. This legislation included rationing Virginians in their purchase of handguns monthly, the criminalization of private gun sales by making universal background checks mandatory, and the implementation of so-called “red flag laws,” where guns can be taken away from law-abiding citizens before they have committed any crimes at all.

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Virginia Stands Firm!

This bill follows weeks of uproar from ordinary Virginians against Northam’s insane gun-control measures. Since taking office in 2018, he has made it his plan to deprive Virginians of their right to bear arms, and their dissatisifaction recently came to the fore. At the end of last month, many gun rights activists peacefully protested in Richmond – despite the media hyping up the protest as violent and dangerous, it remained completely uneventful.

The law enforcement community in Virginia and across the country have stood shoulder to shoulder with ordinary citizens in their fight against Northam. The Southern States Police Benevolent Association released a statement at the end of January backing Virginian officers.

“Members of the law enforcement community throughout the South stand united with our fellow officers in Virginia in opposition to Governor Ralph Northam’s gun confiscation scheme,” the statement read. “We know that a well-armed, well-trained, law-abiding citizen is our best friend. And these are exactly the people New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and Governor Ralph Northam want to disarm.”

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As a Brit, I too stand with Virginia. You must not let the radical anti-2nd amendment activists deprive you of your right to defend yourself – there are too many cases here where ordinary citizens are massacred by thugs with knives, or terrorists run people over with cars and blow innocents up with bombs. Gun control does not make you safer – it only puts guns in the hands of criminals.