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Video of Kids Getting Dog for Christmas Goes Viral

I remember when we got our first dog. I was ecstatic. I wanted the entire neighborhood to see my little friend. I don’t think I desired to have a dog as much as these kids did, but I was happy nonetheless.

Watching these youngsters who wanted a dog for about five years and their reactions when they got one had to be the highlight of my day.

According to the Facebook post, the two older children had made an impressive presentation a few years earlier on why getting a dog would be best for the family.

This sounds like my kids right now. They want a dog, and they want a cat. They want a lizard and they want goldfish. One even wants a snake, but my question is always, “Who’s going to take care of it?”

We’ve been through this before, and I didn’t want to go through taking over their responsibility again.

It seems that every couple of months I get the same questions and I continue to give the same answer, but it seems as if the continued pressure of these awesome kids wore down the parents who gave in.

The kids were stunned, as you will see in the video below:

What you probably missed in the video is the children were so happy and jubilant, that after all that begging for dog, their actions showed you they didn’t think they were going to ever get one. It was truly a Christmas surprise, and one they’ll remember for the rest of their life.

The reaction of these kids in the video remind me what my sister and I experienced on Christmas Day when we came down and saw the tree with presents spread all around it.

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