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Vietnam Veteran Fined By His City for Flying American Flags Outside His Business… But He Won’t Back Down!

A patriotic Vietnam Veteran is under fire from local officials in Denton, Texas. Andre “Frenchy” Rheault, the owner of Frenchy’s lawn service company, is known throughout the community for his bright orange truck with patriotic messages. Surrounding his business, he has dozens of American flags, which fly proudly.

Now that the city is fining him for being so patriotic, the community is joining the fight to support his Constitutional rights:

Glen Carlton, executive director of the North Texas State Fair Association, stopped by Friday morning to let Rheault know that 30 flags were flying along the fence at the North Texas Fairgrounds on Carroll Boulevard.

Rheault put out more flags, too, but some of his flags were flying in Double Oak on Friday afternoon to greet Anita Nelson’s son, who came home after 12 years stationed abroad. She’d heard Rheault might be able to help with a display.

“I didn’t even know this man,” Nelson said, but after her call earlier this week, he lined her circular drive with 30 flags. “I opened up the blinds yesterday morning and there they were.”

Rheault received a citation Thursday from Denton’s Community Improvement Services Division. Rheault parks his service vans in the yard, many of them bedecked with flags, next to On the Cuff Embroidery.

He has a dozen poles with U.S. flags mounted to the security fence at the front of the yard. Old Glory also flies on a pole high above the embroidery shop, its roof painted with the Stars and Stripes, too.

The ticket cites the part of the city’s property maintenance code that allows a property owner to display up to three flags without a permit, including the U.S. and Texas flags and another flag of the property owner’s choice.

To fly more flags, or other “wind devices,” Rheault must apply for a permit. Businesses are allowed up to three permits of 30 days each every year to fly banners, sky tubes, flags and similar outdoor promotional items.

Via DentonRC

Isn’t that outrageous!? Who would think you would need a PERMIT to fly an American flag?

Please share this story to get Frenchy’s pro-America message out. People should be allowed to fly the American flag anywhere, without permits!