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Video Resurfaces: Donald Trump’s Views on the “Muslim Problem” – WHOA!


There is no doubt that conservative presidential candidate Donald Trump always says what he believes. He is a strong defender of American values and embodies the principles of Ronald Reagan.

Now, we’re all seeing this recently unearthed 2011 interview Trump did with David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). He was asked to go into detail about his response to a question Bill O’Reilly on Fox News asked him about the Islam and Muslim problem in America.

Trump didn’t hold back, and explained to CBN there IS a serious problem with Muslims:

Absolutely, yes. In fact I went a step further. I said I didn’t see Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center.

And by the way, many, many, most Muslims are wonderful people, but is there a Muslim problem? Look what’s happening. Look what happened right here in my city with the World Trade Center and lots of other places.

Then, he went after the politicians who are too afraid to confront evil directly, like a real leader should…

I think people want the truth. I think they’re tired of politicians. They’re tired of politically correct stuff.

I mean I could have said, ‘Oh, absolutely not Bill, there’s no Muslim problem, everything is wonderful, just forget about the World Trade Center.’ But you have to speak the truth. We’re so politically correct that this country is falling apart.

Have you ever heard a politician speak in such a straight-forward, no-nonsense way? He cut right to the core of the matter, which is very personal for Trump as he is a New Yorker who lived there on 9/11.

Then, Trump didn’t stop there! He also explained his serious reservations about the teachings inside the Quran, the holy book of Islam:

The Quran is very interesting. A lot of people say it teaches love … But there’s something there that teaches some very negative vibe … Now I don’t know if that’s from the Quran. I don’t know if that’s from someplace else. But there’s tremendous hatred out there that I’ve never seen anything like it.

Watch here:

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