Nancy Has Major Malfunction While Attacking Trump, Can’t Even Remember What She’s Talking About

During her press conference on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi had a hard time speaking, often slurring her speech and even forgetting what she was talking about. She was all over the place.

Given what seems like mental and perhaps even physical deterioration, is it time for the House Speaker to step down?

This is nothing new for Pelosi. Her brain seems to have been malfunctioning for a number of years.

On Thursday, Pelosi struggled for 16 minutes through her press conference, constantly having a hard time pronouncing names or even putting up a good argument against Trump’s border wall.

“Last night, Representative Cuellar and, uh, ah, Representative Ron Es.. uh.. Escobar,” Pelosi began, having a hard time pronouncing the Democrat’s name.

“Introduced a resolution condemning the president’s reckless threat to shut down the border,” Pelosi finally managed to get out. After saying the “president likes shutting down things,” Pelosi waved her hands, and said, “he likes shutting down the government, shutting down the border.”

It looked as weird as it sounds.

“You should read the resolution because it talks about the many, ah, uh, the concern that we have,” Pelosi slurred.

Pelosi then called “food,” “fuit.”

“The concerns that we have for our jobs, a shortage of fruits, vegetables, fresh fuit… foods, how harmful it would be for the entire auto and manufacturing industry,” she said.

Pelosi continued. “It also, uh, uh, says that the president should not stop the assistance to the north.. northern… north triangle.”

Was she drunk?

In March she gave a similar performance at something called the “Friends of Ireland” luncheon. In front of the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and guests, Pelosi struggled to keep it together.

Pelosi said the lunch was “to honor St. Patrick and ah, ah… the beauty of immigration to our country of, and ah, ah — people coming from Ireland.”

It should be noted that the luncheon had absolutely nothing to do with immigration.

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Touching on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist “Green New Deal,” Pelosi said Democrats’ ideas for climate change “will be consistent with some of what’s in the— in, uh, the, the Green Deal— New Green Deal?”

After that, she referred to it as the “Green Deal.”

Is Nancy Pelosi losing her mind? Is it time for her to step down as Speaker of the House?

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