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Video: ISIS Suicide Bomber’s Day Doesn’t Go as Planned!

If your career path leads you to be a suicide bomber for the Islamic State, there is simply no more spectacular way to meet those 72 virgins than this.

The Telegraph has posted video of what appears to be an ISIS suicide bomber’s car being tossed into the sky by an explosion on the ground, then exploding again during the mid-air flight.

Here is a screen grab of the car being launched:


And here it is seconds later:


Via the Telegraph:

Kurdish fighters have captured on camera the moment when what appears to be an Islamic State suicide bomber’s car is thrown into the sky and explodes in mid-air.

The video, posted by a Kurdish activist to the Liveleak website, shows a massive explosion on a road several hundreds yards away from where the shots are filmed.

Above the smoke, the clear shape of a car can be seen, tumbling in mid-air. As it begins to descend, it blows up, claimed to be a result of the explosives packed inside igniting.

Multiple sources disagree on what caused the car to be flung into the air, but they confirm the driver of the vehicle was indeed an ISIS suicide bomber.

Watch the video below…

The report indicates that the initial explosion that launched the car may have been caused by “a major booby-trap of the sort often used by the jihadists themselves.”

Could there be any better justice than an ISIS suicide bomber being blown up by his own device… twice?