A group of environmental activists climbed a fence outside a Trump golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and destroyed one of the greens by carving a message into the ground.

“No more tigers, no more woods,” the message read. It is an obvious play on the name Tiger Woods, though it’s unclear how the ‘woods’ would disappear if tigers did. Nor is it clear how Trump’s policies are killing tigers. Or woods for that matter.

In other words, the environment activists, as is typically the case, thought they were being creative when in reality their message made no sense at all.

In a highly worked video, the vandals are presented in ominous lighting, sneaking onto the course before dawn and carving up the landscape with garden tools. Such brave warriors.

Via the Washington Post:

A group of environmental activists pulled off an elaborate act of vandalism at one of President Trump’s premier golf courses early Sunday morning.

The group — which labels itself an “anonymous environmental activist collective” — snuck into Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., and carved a message into the green with six-foot-tall letters that said: “NO MORE TIGERS. NO MORE WOODS.”

The 18-hole, 7,300-yard course is set among cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean just south of Los Angeles. Last year, Golf Digest ranked it the 43rd best course in California.

In a statement sent to The Washington Post, the group said the vandalism was carried out in response to the Trump administration’s “blatant disregard” for the environment.

The reality is these people are not ‘activists,’ as the Washington Post tries to portray, they’re criminals. They’re vandals.

“Tearing up the golf course felt justified in many ways,” one member of the group said.

But if, as environmentalists in the past have demonstrated, the killing of a tree is something to be mourned, wouldn’t the killing of grass on the greens be just as traumatic?

These people practically committed environmental genocide on the turf.

Regardless, one of the environmentalist members bemoaned, “repurposing what was once a beautiful stretch of land into a playground for the privileged is an environmental crime in its own right.”

Hopefully, law enforcement will track these people down and arrest them.

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