Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon John Hopkins Hospital. Now he is a best-selling author and likely Presidential candidate, which is why Newsmax’s J.D. Hayworth wanted to interview him on his show.

During the ususal discussion, Carson drops a BOMBSHELL revelation about President Barack Obama’s weakness on national security, especially about the funding of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

I would say break the funding for Homeland Security up into parcels. Don’t present it as a whole bill. That makes it much more difficult for him to stand in the way. And, if he does stand in the way, particularly with things that are vital to the security of this [country], then I think we can start talking about treason.

Treason is the ultimate crime a President can commit, and it’s usually punishable by life in prison or the death penalty. The leader of the free world has abilities that the usual double-agent couldn’t have. Carson’s point is that America has a President who is so determined to pass amnesty that he’s willing to hold DHS funding hostage, and that is far beyond what he should be allowed to do.

That’s why J.D. gave Carson a chance to clarify, but Carson held firm:

If things are done that are on the contrary to the security of this country, whoever does them is guilty of treason.

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h/t: Western Journalism