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VIDEO: Chris Harper-Mercer’s Religion, EXPOSED? He is a…

chris harper-mercer

We are learning more about Chris Harper-Mercer, the Oregon Community College murderer, every hour.

Right now, it looks like Obama – who was quick to blame the National Riffle Association – didn’t mention that the community college was a gun free zone. Nor did he mention anything about the killer… and for good reason!

So far, we know Chris identified on social media as “mixed race.” Interestingly, his MySpace page seems to direct him to people who are supportive of Islamic terrorist organizations.

As Charles Johnson reported first, one of his only two connections on MySpace is Mahmoud Ali Ehsani. Here are a few of Ehsani’s publicly shared photos:




Could this be a clue as to why he was so eager to ask victims if they were Christians before he murdered them?

This video explains more:

While more details must be sorted out, it’s clear that these murders do not fit the narrative the liberal media would like to see. This is why they – along with President Obama – would rather talk about the NRA!

Do you think Chris Mercer was a Muslim, or at least had sympathies toward radical Islam? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.