Video: Arizona Republican Who Killed Election Integrity Bills Booed Off Stage At Trump Rally

Arizona State Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican, was booed off stage at a recent pro-Trump rally after she helped kill an 'election integrity' bill last month.

Arizona State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican, was booed off the stage at a pro-Trump rally over the weekend for her efforts to help kill an election integrity bill last month.

Ugenti-Rita, according to Newsweek, was “immediately met with a chorus of loud boos after taking the stage at a ‘Protect Our Elections’ rally.” 

The rally was hosted by Turning Point Action in Phoenix over the weekend and featured former President Donald Trump.

“Why don’t you listen to what I have to say?” the Republican lawmaker, who is running for Arizona Secretary of State, pleaded as the booing continued.

The Secretary of State position oversees elections.

“Listen. Fine, OK… I am running to be your next Secretary of State,” she said roughly 90 seconds into her speech. “I’m going to win the primary. Thank you very much.”

Ugenti-Rita then walked off.

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Killed Election Integrity Bill

Michelle Ugenti-Rita speaking at an event designed to ‘protect our elections’ didn’t sit well with those in attendance who clearly had her more recent actions on their minds.

According to Mediaite, Ugenti-Rita joined Democrats and Republican state senator Paul Boyer in killing SB1241, an election integrity proposal that provided specifics on how to combat fraud going forward.

One such proposal was the administration of a procedure for county or state prosecutors to intervene when a voter’s signature on an early ballot does not match what is on file.

Former President Trump issued a statement blasting Boyer on the matter last week.

“Boyer has been nothing but trouble, and nobody knows why,” Trump said. “All we demand is Voter Integrity.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s speech at the rally was pilloried by fact-checkers as promoting continued falsehoods about the Arizona 2020 presidential election audit.

Critics have defined the so-called audit as ‘partisan‘ or ‘fraudulent,’ warning that it should not be considered a legitimate effort.

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Republican Ugenti-Rita Booed, Heckled

Ugenti-Rita’s role in helping to kill the election integrity bill was not appreciated by those in attendance at the rally.

But even after she was booed off the stage, the Republican couldn’t escape scrutiny.

Newsweek reports that she was confronted by a man after she departed.

Video shows the man asking her why she voted against the election integrity bill, to which she responds succinctly, “Because it was bad.”

Ugenti-Rita, who chairs the Arizona Senate Government Committee, took to social media to defend her actions in killing the election integrity bill.

“I’ll put my record of fighting for election integrity up against anyone,” she tweeted.

“What I won’t do is vote for ‘show’ legislation that does nothing to strengthen election integrity and introduced for self-serving reasons,” added Ugenti-Rita. “There’s too much at stake.”

She also stated that, while initially backing the Arizona audit, she “do(es) not support the Trump audit any longer.”

Why she thought she would get a warm welcome at a Trump rally is anyone’s guess.


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