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Video Shows ISIS Fighters Nearly Blowing Themselves Up

If the three stooges became terrorists, ISIS would be their group of choice.

At least, it’s hard not to get that impression from the footage VICE News retrieved from the helmet of an ISIS fighter killed in combat. While the group loves releasing propaganda of their successful battles, their defeats don’t make the cut (for obvious reasons).

The group has lost an enormous chunk of their so-called “caliphate” over the course of the past year, occupying 35,000 square miles of territory in 2015, but only 23,000 today. The majority of the losses have been during the Trump presidency.

In the footage below, a group of ISIS fighters can be seen epitomizing Murphy’s Law in the midst of a battle with Kurdish forces. At one point one of the jihadists attempts to fire a rocket at his enemies, leading to another jihadist to inform him “good job but you roasted us too,” after the attempted firing caused blowback.

Watch the oddly entertaining disaster below:

If I were either of them, that would be evidence enough for me that God was not on my side.

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