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Van Mows Down Crowd In London- Again

We are seeing reports of another van attack in London, UK. Details are still trickling in but the incident appeared to happen right in front of a mosque.

The incident appears to mimic several other attacks that have taken place in London over the last year.

Here is video from the scene:

Authorities are not yet calling it terrorism, even though a suspect is in custody. The incident happened while worshippers were leaving a mosque in a heavily Muslim neighborhood.

The perpetrator also had a knife

These incidents are not happening in a vacuum. The UK has become ground zero for Islamists with attacks in London and Manchester. Neighborhoods are becoming “No Go Zones” for police and Non-Muslims. Shariah Squads march through town demanding Muslim women wear oppressive clothing. London is at the center of a clash of civilizations.

We are keeping the victims of this incident in our thoughts and prayers. We hope it was just a careless accident and not a purposeful act of hatred and terror.

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