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Media Refuses to Use the Term Islamic Terrorist, But Is Quick to Blast Conservatives


We found this article from the Reuters archives to be a truly fascinating juxtaposition between how the media handles coverage of terrorist attacks and their link to radical Islam, and how they cover an attack perpetrated by a ‘right-winger.’

Two years ago, the media set about erasing the term ‘Islamist’ from the minds of their readers for fear that the term was becoming “a synonym for Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals.”

The media, liberals, and Democrats (though that is redundant) all followed suit, and have refused to link Islam to any terror attacks.

Now compare that to this article from Reuters, which describes the terrorist attack in Norway in 2011 by a ‘right-wing’ gunman.

The title itself labels the killer as right-wing, and the very first paragraph does the same but adds ‘right-wing’ extremism may be a rising problem, that they saw a pattern emerging.

A report that Norway’s bomb and gun rampage may be the work of a far-right militant confronts Europe with the possibility that a new paramilitary threat is emerging, a decade after al Qaeda’s September 11 attacks.

You read that correctly, there may be a new right-wing threat in America 10 years after the 9/11 attack that was perpetrated by radical Muslims – but we can’t call them Muslims and of course, not all Muslims are terrorists.

The article goes on to mention that the Norway terror suspect, Anders Behring Breivik, was a right-wing extremist – no less than 25 times. The same media that can’t bring themselves to call terrorists ‘radical Islamists’ saw fit to label this attack as ‘right-wing’ over two dozen times in one article.

The media takes careful steps to cover up information when a terror attack is perpetrated by a Muslim, but are willing to point out that a terror attack has been perpetrated by a right-wing Christian ad-nauseum.

Is it any wonder the American media can never be taken seriously?

Comment: Is the labeling of a ‘right-wing’ extremist and the avoidance of the term ‘radical Islamic terrorist’ a clear demonstration of the media’s bias? Share your opinion below.