Univision Reporter: Border Wall Money Can Be Saved By Just Having Agents Dodge Rocks Instead

Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo suggested that $25 billion could be saved in lieu of a wall at the southern border simply by having agents dodge rocks being hurled at them instead.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum and Acevedo were discussing the situation at the border when the former reminded him of a “woman with the customs and border patrol” who described how rocks had been thrown at their agents.

“She said this is so much better having the wall they can see through because they can see what’s coming at them from the other side and it helps, you know, keeps them safer in their job,” MacCallum restated. “That sounds like a good thing, right?”

A good thing, sure, according to Acevedo, but a costly thing. And he was quick to point out what less expensive technique the border agents could use in order to stay safe.

“Well, it’s always a good thing when we can keep border patrol agents, federal agents safer,” he began. “I would just ask you, Martha, is it worth $25 billion to keep people 100, 200, 300 yards away from the border to throwing rocks at agents on the other side when you just do this …”

He then dodged to the side of the frame.

“Is that worth $25 billion?” Acevedo asked.

“They should dodge the rocks?” MacCallum asked, unimpressed. “You think they should just dodge the rocks?”

Acevedo falsely claimed that’s not what he was saying prior to asking “Is it worth $25 billion to do that [dodge rocks]?”

It’s quite a bit to unpack all of the ridiculous statements Acevedo just made.

First, he inflated the cost of the wall by an order of five times. Second, breaking down the entire concept of the wall to just one benefit – agents not being pelted with rocks – seems short-sighted. And third, why is the onus on border agents to dodge rocks in the first place, when a wall would help prevent these things from happening?

Agents Dodging Rocks

In November, a video emerged of a mob of so-called  “peaceful migrants” attempting to breach the U.S./Mexico border, only to be turned back by rounds of tear gas.

Democrats and the media tried to portray the migrants as innocent victims. The reality, however, is that the illegal invaders were throwing rocks and other projectiles at law enforcement.

A statement issued by the Border Patrol tear gas was used to “dispel the group because of the risk to agents’ safety,” noting that “several agents were hit by the projectiles.”

What If They Can’t Dodge Them?

Acevedo didn’t elaborate enough on his theory to explain what border agents should do if they’re not in a situation where they can dodge things being thrown at them.

One such scenario occurred in July of 2018, when agents attempted to provide medical attention to a pregnant woman, only to be hit with rocks by another illegal.

A statement via CBP reads, “As agents began to provide the woman with medical attention, one of the subjects on the bridge began to throw rocks at the agents.”

Somewhat difficult to provide medical attention while rocks are raining down on you, wouldn’t you say Mr. Acevedo?

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Super idea. Doge rock for our border agents and illegals to participate in . Lets sell tickets and use the funds to Build That Wall ! Should be entertaining to say the least. But in order to make it equal ,since the illegals have more people to throw, we have to allow private citizens to get in on the act . How about it folks, want to throw rocks at illegals . Lets all watch and see who can dodge them best.

  • i think mexico should start shooting some of those coming up from south america. you know, the ones that just get a pass.

  • Proves stupid people with an agenda will say stupid things to make a point.  We need a wall/barrier not to avoid rocks being tossed at border agents but to keep foreigners from crossing the border becoming illegal alien invaders.
    Drones & cameras is just as nonsensical.  Drones or cameras can take pictures and relay them back to command central from which border agents can be directed to the areas where foreigners are approaching the border.  By the time the agents get there the foreigner has crossed over and become an illegal alien invader and all they can do is take names after the illegal alien invader asks for refugee status. Drones, cameras and walls are the combination needed to stop the invasions.
    We could as a nutty friend said weaponize the drones with rubber bullets and shoot at them while they are still in Mexico but as I told him that would cause a different problem.
    We need to change immigration and refugee laws.  It should not be America's responsibility to pay for air or bus fair to get these people back home.  The last piece of dirt which these illegal aliens set foot on before invading our country was Mexico we should have the legal right to just force them back to Mexico.
    First, Mexico would get the message and stop them from illegally entering their country then the people from these Central and South American countries as well from other parts of the world would get the same message and stop coming.

  • How about you put this reporter IN FRONT OF you as you scan the border and when a rock is hurled at you, use her as a human shield. Maybe they will think twice before suggesting something as stupid as that.


  • You can tell that reporter that he can help save the planet from climate change by walking to EVERY destination that he wants to go to. Then point out how ridiculous his statement is.

  • Israel no longer has this problem at their border for the most part. Hate it if someone has to die, but it does get the message across - don't invade our country and don't assault our military or border patrol agents

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