University Cancels Police Use-Of-Force Training – Buys Into Anti-Cop Sentiment

If you don’t agree…you guessed it—you’re racist.

University Police

The Ohio State University (OSU) administration succumbed to bullying from a Columbus anti-police group known as the Black, Queer, and Intersectional Collective (BQIC). I think that “woke” moniker tells you all you need to know about where this group stands on the police.

The Lantern, the OSU student newspaper, via, reported that OSU has canceled a police training that was to be conducted by the Force Science Institute. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the OSU administration has failed its responsibility to the campus community by canceling this training for local police officers. Because of the political cowardice of the university, their local police officers will be less trained and less prepared to deal with public safety in Columbus and on the OSU campus.

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The Force Science Institute uses the scientific method to develop and deploy policing practices that keep both the officers and the public safer. Sometimes they discover facts that make people uncomfortable, and too often, those vehement cop-critics choose to deny those facts. In their minds they are right, and that is all you need to know. If you don’t agree…you guessed it—you’re racist.

For example, opponents of the training cite event descriptions such as “suspects may be shot in the back by a well-trained officer who made a valid, lawful shooting decision.” They also describe “officers, in high-adrenaline confrontations, will continue to fire what some commentators will judge as ‘unnecessary’ rounds.”

Consider this nightmare scenario: officers recognize a murder suspect walking down the street. The suspect sees the officers, pulls out his gun, and opens fire on them. Then the suspect turns and runs toward the entrance of an open daycare center. You can see teachers and children through the windows. Would you shoot that suspect in the back? I would.

People, especially anti-police activists, refuse to see beyond their own ideological bubbles to nightmarish situations that can happen to police in real life. They’re too busy constructing their knuckle-dragging caricature of cops to be bothered by reality. There are myriad examples where an officer might have to shoot a suspect in the back.

But that’s not a conversation cop-haters want to have. That’s because cops operate in the real world where real people and real dangers exist. Not in the “woke” world where “perfect” people condemn police officers when situations don’t go the way they think it should have. You know, the officer didn’t handle it the way they would have. Perfectly, of course—every time.

The OSU leadership has abdicated its responsibility not only to the safety of its faculty, staff, and students but also to the facts and the truth. The Force Science Institute backs up its findings and teachings with objective facts it gleans through lab research, field study, and experimentation. Opponents back their rhetoric with subjective feelings, malicious distortions, and outright slander.

Consider this statement on the petition circulated to cancel this training: “The Ohio State University Police Division hosting this event under OSU’s name is irresponsible and will directly contribute to the hostile environment Black members of the OSU community and Black people across Columbus are subjected to daily.”

That statement is a blatant lie and slanders the Columbus police officers, OSU campus police officers, and has zero basis in fact. And the university leadership spine shrivels up as they buy into this anti-cop blather.

Apparently, properly preparing police officers mentally and physically to handle life and death situations equals “police brutality” in the eyes of BQIC and, apparently, also by OSU’s administration.

The Lantern article points out that “more than 485” people signed the petition circulated by BQIC. Wow! No wonder OSU President Drake caved. I mean, that’s out of a student population of 68,262. That’s, like, a whole .71% of the entire student body.

Yet, the administration, whose primary duty aside from educating the students, is to provide as safe an environment in which to learn as they can. But how can they say they’re doing that when they cancel training meant to enhance their police officers’ skills based on the lunatic rantings of people who hate police officers?

So, where does that leave police training? Are the cops supposed to create “traineasys” in the style of speakeasy’s during Prohibition? Secret places where cops can go to imbibe on effective law enforcement training instead of only getting the useless, actually destructive, social justice “police training” cop critics approve of? Are we to leave police training up to people who hate the police? It seems the folks running OSU are happy to do that.

This shows that folks like BLM, Antifa, and BQIC don’t want a well-trained police department based on training that is effective. They want an ineffective police department that reflects their warped leftist desire to castrate —or even eliminate— police departments across the nation. It’s a true shame that once-proud universities like the OSU have become complicit with the anti-police, anti-law and order radicals.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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