Unhinged Pelosi Spreads Wild Conspiracy Theories About President Trump And Putin

Pelosi Unhinged Putin Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shared unhinged conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump being blackmailed and controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pelosi: Trump Is A Putin Accomplice

“I don’t know what Putin has on the president politically, personally or financially,” Pelosi said on an appearance with MSNBC’s Maria Theresa Kumar. “We’ll find out when we see the president’s tax returns.”

“But I do know that [Putin] has engaged in these kind of activities in other countries in order to discredit democracy, in order to discredit democracy. And that our own president should be an accomplice to that just raises so many questions,” Pelosi concluded.

Republicans Are “Enemies Of The State”

This isn’t the first time that Pelosi has indulged in the spreading of completely fanciful misinformation. Last month, Pelosi claimed that President Trump and Republican lawmakers were “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the state,” simply due to their opposition to mail-in voting.

“The Russians were there and they are there now 24/7 trying to interfere in our election, but they’re not the only ones,”  Pelosi said. “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring of the Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States,” Pelosi continued.

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Representative Steve Scalise said that this was the exact same king of “unhinged rhetoric” that resulted in him being shot by a radical socialist at a congressional baseball game.

“Where’s the media outrage?” Scalise added.

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A Distraction From Her Terrible Week!

This unhinged story from Pelosi that President Trump is somehow in the pocket of Putin is just ridiculous. It’s on the same level of insanity that the “pee tape” was, for those of you who haven’t scrubbed it from your memory! The President isn’t getting money from Russia to control the country – in fact, he’s LOST money being the Commander in Chief!

We of course know exactly why Pelosi is dabbling in this total lunacy; how else is she going to distract everyone from the terrible week she’s just had? As a reminder (which I’m sure Pelosi will hate me telling you), she was caught violating the coronavirus regulations that she has pushed on everyone else, visiting a hair-salon despite local ordinances keeping them closed!

It’s a tale as old as time – a simple case of a hypocrite getting caught with their pants down, then screaming “look over there!” as they run away from the scene of the crime.

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