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Two Muslims Were Caught Doing THIS Outside Of Home Depot – SHOCKING!!

Home Depot

In Miami, Florida, an ordinary day for Home Depot shoppers turned into a nightmare after a couple of men dressed in Islamic clothes were acting strangely outside the store.

Shared on Facebook from December 9, the image – which has since gone viral (below) – shows Muslim men loading a truck full of propane. While you and I might buy one or two for a bbq grill or a camper, these men were buying as many as the truck could possibly hold!

Here is the photo:

Home Depot

Why would someone need more than 30 propane tanks? Thankfully, these citizens weren’t afraid of political correctness when it came to documenting the situation and alerting authorities.

It’s not a coincidence that in this same time, the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) came out with a brand new execution video, showing them killing a couple of captives by specifically detonating a buried explosive using a cellphone. Now, there are these photos (below), which show the exact way propane tanks can be used by terrorists as bombs. Yet, no one got identification for these guys, who bought so much propane at once, and they were allowed to walk out of the store with it, without alerting authorities.

Via Mad World News

Here is exactly how terrorists can use propane tanks. This is terrifying!

Home Depot

It wasn’t long ago that Muslims were also caught buying hundreds of cell phones at a Kansas City, Missouri, Walmart at 4am in the morning. Cell phones and propane tanks work together as a bomb an detonator, which makes these stories so frightening. Every American patriot must be on alert!

Clearly, Donald Trump is right to call upon an immediate stop of all Muslim immigration. This type of behavior of foreigners on American soil is unacceptable and must be stopped!

What do you think of this horrifying situation at a Home Depot? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.