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Two Little Boys Make Dad Pull Over to Help Handicapped Man Shovel Snow

When I read stories like this, and I learn about everyday Americans who bestow acts of kindness on unsuspecting neighbors who have much less, it really brings joy to my heart.

Two little boys, ages 10 and six, we’re driving along with their father when they saw a wheelchair-bound man trying to shovel snow. These two young man asked their dad if they could pullover so today could help the handicap man finish the job.

Now I don’t know about you, but that speaks volumes about the family’s values and parenting skills. Most parents wish this would happen with their own kids on a regular basis. We hope and pray, and sometimes we get there and sometimes we don’t. The hope and wish that our kids are able to quickly show an act of kindness to someone less fortunate is the cherry on top of life.

This was a tremendous achivement for this father and I salute him for what he’s taught his sons.

From FaithIt:

There are many days as a parent where you wonder if your kids have been secretly taking life classes from a chimpanzee with the way they act. Then there’s days where they do something so amazing you feel like you should be learning from them. For Daniel Medina, this was one of those proud days.

He was driving with his 10- and 6-year-old sons when they saw a man in a wheelchair trying to shovel the snow off his corner lot. His boys asked him to pull over so they could help the man out. Medina then took a picture of his boys serving this complete stranger and just as you would hope, the story went viral.

The comments prove this act of kindness is just what the world ordered during this Christmas season. “You have two wonderful sons with big hearts,” one person wrote. “It really is hard to grasp the season of giving at this young of age, but they’ve got it. You must be extremely proud, good on all of you.”

This turned out to be a very huge Facebook post, so imagine the praise this family got when this was posted:



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