Two Boys Did THIS with an American Flag When They Thought No One Was Looking

… And a little child shall lead them.

After finding an American flag in a ditch on Memorial Day, two young boys decided to take action, retrieving Old Glory and getting it to where it could be properly cared for.

Twelve-year-old Parker Diemel and 11-year-old Ayden Lengo showed their patriotism and a bystander happened to take a photo of them in action. That photo – seen below – quickly went viral.



While many people may have shrugged their shoulders upon seeing a fallen flag, Parker knew he had to do something.

“We’d have to pick it up of course,” he explained.

Ayden added, “We needed to treat it with respect and get it to wherever it needs to go.”


Via Fox News Insider:

“I was kind of like, ‘Why is that in the ditch?'” Parker said. “It’s kind of dishonoring the veterans that served America.”

Ayden explained that he saw Parker venture down in the ditch first and decided to help his friend recover Old Glory.

“We didn’t know they were taking a picture of us,” Parker revealed.

When asked how they knew what they should do to rescue the flag, Ayden said “I’ve just always known that America is the greatest country ever and we have to respect its symbols and its flag.”

Watch the two young patriots in a short clip on Fox and Friends below …


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