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This ONE Tweet Shows How DESPERATE Media Was to Blame Christians For CA Shooting!

san bernardino shooting map

If you didn’t pay attention to the breaking news from the San Bernardino shooting then you missed how the entire mainstream media swallowed hook, link, and sinker a false report just because it satisfied their need to shove liberal narratives down our throats.

First the reports came in of the shooting:

But almost immediately, it was being reported that the shooting was at a Planned Parenthood abortion provider in that city. Liberals went crazy. Immediately the media started conjecturing of a copycat shooting, and looking for just the right white male Christian clip art they would post on their television graphics. Except for one little detail – the shooting was no where near the Planned Parenthood! That’s when Bloomberg News swept in like a pro-abortion Superman, in a desperate attempt to save the liberal narrative with this tweet:

Er… riiiiight… now most people know that a shooting more than a mile away is probably not gonna hurt ya much. But they need to keep that dying narrative alive!!

Eventually, even the morons at Bloomberg News had to admit their failed propaganda attempt:

Yeah. Great job, idiots. Goebbels is rolling in his grave at your pathetic propaganda fail.

But don’t worry!! They’ll shamelessly do it again the next time there’s a crisis to take advantage of!!

What do you think? Is Bloomberg embarrassed enough over this idiotic narrative snafu? Tell us what you think in the comments, and if you want to embarrass them more, share this post!!