Turning Point USA Recruiting Table Attacked By University of Michigan Student

A University of Michigan student confronted a gathering of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) activists on Thursday and began stealing all of the group’s supplies before destroying their recruiting table. It was yet another example of conservative students being harassed on campus.

Much of this incident was captured on video by University of Michigan senior and TPUSA chapter president Austin McIntosh, who posted it to his group’s Facebook page.

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Leftist Unleashed

“Recording me don’t make me feel no type of way, so you can keep doing it,” said the assailant to TPUSA members as he walked to a nearby trash to throw away their materials.

“It’s against the law to steal,” said Monika Konrad, TPUSA field representative, to the out-of-control student as he destroyed a signing reading, “Free Speech #FreeTheFirst.”

“You know, it’s also against the law to hate speech,” said the vandal.

“It’s not hate speech,” Konrad contested.

“What were we doing that was hateful?” added McIntosh. “Did you see the calm conversation I was having with someone who doesn’t agree with me?”

‘Keep up the class, man’

The vandal continued to babble incoherently as he attempted to pop TPUSA’s gigantic “free speech ball.”

“It’s not deflating quick enough,” the crazed student said, as he went back to the TPUSA table to steal more items.

“Keep up the class, man,” said McIntosh.

“I will, that’s what I’m here for,” the vandal quipped as he threw away TPUSA pins which read, “I <3 [love] America.”

“I hope next time you table, I can come up to you and talk to you and have a very calm conversation with you,” said McIntosh.

“I don’t give two s***s,” responded the student.

After the vandal continued to rant, rave, and destroy more TPUSA items, the conservative student activists eventually called the police.

“Call them,” dared the student thief. “


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Moments after the vandal stopped, the campus police arrived.

“When campus police arrived, I pointed him out and he fled into a building, where police lost him inside,” McIntosh told Breitbart News. “We are literally classmates.”

“It’s unfortunate that [fellow students] do not respect our right to freedom of speech,” said McIntosh. “This is further proof of campus culture attempting to silence conservative voices, and once again, shows the intolerance of the left.”

McIntosh said that despite the day’s events, his group would continue to pursue conservative activism on campus.

“If anything, this has made our members more willing to do events on campus,” said McIntosh.

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This is Today’s Left

These young conservatives were only trying to promote free speech. This crazed liberal student was obviously trying to stop it.

It’s clear which side favors freedom and a more open society. It’s also clear which side favors totalitarianism and suppressing dissent.

There isn’t much that is truly “liberal” about the people who populate and define the modern American Left.

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