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Dozens Injured In Massive Car Bombing!

Security personnel clear the area after a suicide bomber blew herself up in Bursa, Turkey on April 27, 2016. Photo: AP

In what seems like a daily occurrence in Turkey, a massive car bomb has gone off that has injured dozens.

Information is still trickling in but here is what we know.

Via Rudaw English:

MED – An explosion hit a security station in the town of Dijla in Amed, Turkey late Sunday, wounding dozens of soldiers, Turkish media reported.

The station is only one kilometer away from the town of Dijla. Security forces are on high alert after the attack.

Attacks in Turkey could come from a number of terrorist groups. Beyond ISIS and Al-Qaeda, Pro-Kurdish independence forces have been terrorizing the eastern part of the country.

Kurdish terrorists detonated a bomb earlier this week and have vowed to wage war on Turkey’s tourism hotspots.

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