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Tucker Carlson Obliterates James Devine, The Democrat Operative Who Urged Liberals to ‘Hunt Republicans’

Welcome back, Tucker Carlson!

After suffering through a hospital visit for treatment of appendicitis, Carlson returned to his show with a mighty vengeance, taking on a Democrat operative who, even in the wake of the left-wing assassination attempt on GOP congressmen, urged his followers to ‘hunt Republicans.’

James Devine, a longtime Democrat operative from Union County, N.J., took to social media to urge other unhinged fanatics to take up arms in the same manner James Hodgkinson recently did in shooting congressman Steve Scalise and four others.

Carlson, never one to shy away from exposing mentally unstable leftists, invited Devine on his show for an interview.

It went pretty much as you’d expect it to – with Devine babbling incoherently, holding up signs to supposedly prove his point (ala Kurt Eichenwald), trying to link long-since debunked conspiracy theories, and Tucker egging him on and letting his victim talk himself into embarrassing revelations.

At one point, Carlson exasperatedly pointed out that Devine is simply an “unbalanced person.”

Via Fox News Insider (the full interview can be viewed here):

Devine, a previous candidate for mayor of Rahway, N.J., said he does not condone violence but is instead pointing out what he considered hypocrisy.

He held up a printout of a “liberal hunting permit” and a map of “targeted” Congressional districts from several years ago published by a group supporting Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska).

“Your excuse apparently is [that] other people have done it,” Carlson said.

Devine said the left has to stand up after years of violent Republican rhetoric, saying “you have to fight fire with fire.”

You read that correctly. This long-time Democrat operative justified the assassination attempt on Republicans by saying it’s time his party fought “fire with fire.”

With rationale like that, ‘unbalanced’ was a pretty tame response when you think about it.

“You’re an unbalanced person and I have to say it’s distressing that more Democrats haven’t disavowed you,” Carlson concluded. “I hope they will.”

We wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for that moment to come.

What do you think about this Democrat urging people to ‘hunt Republicans?’ Share your thoughts below!