Donald Trump’s Trip To The U.K. Canceled After Queen Failed To Mention It

President Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom is off.

On Wednesday, the Queen did not mention Trump’s visit during her address to Parliament. Typically, all state visits are mentioned in this forum.

Queen Elizabeth only made mention of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain.

The planned visit was already tenuous, given the president’s lack of popularity in Britain. Prime Minister Theresa May, while aligned with Trump on many issues, just suffered an electoral rout from the opposition Labour Party, and is likely trying to shore up public confidence.

Theresa May invited the US President after they were pictured holding hands together on the White House lawn earlier this year, but the visit was threatening to spark large scale demonstrations.

Both Downing Street and the White House have brushed aside claims the trip is in doubt, but the invitation to Mr Trump has faced a wall of criticism amid the President’s outlandish behaviour.

H/T: Independent

Prime Minister May is fighting to save her political life and form a lasting government. Her Conservative Party does not have the large majority needed to govern, so denying Trump a visit may be smart politics.

Given the spate of recent GOP wins in the U.S., however, perhaps May shouldn’t shy away from Trump so easily. After all, the man knows how to win, despite the odds.

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  • Sure, let's be just like England and the idiots undermining their own safety. We need more bombings. They will allow immigrants to adopt Sharia Law which many have already done and their laws will be usurped. Are you nuts???

  • This is no surprise and GOOD FOR THE BRITS! They at least have an ounce of intelligence left to them unlike the fascist right and the GOP that are full of nothing but puppets and puppet masters. The PEOPLE of England want no part of trump and his violent hatred, indeed most of AMERICA wants no part of trump's violent hatred. As for who would be better suited in a crisis? The Queen would win that hands down each and every time. SHE at least has had actual crisis experience unlike the buffoon trump who runs away when he can't buy his way out of trouble.

  • Who would you choose: The Queen of England or the President of United States, for protection of yourself or your country? The Queen is old enough to remember that it was the United States that saved Great Britain when attacked by Germany. Having the President of the United States visit your country would be an honor....which England presently does not deserve! The Lend lease program from the United States to England was a debt of honor which England has not and cannot ever repay.

  • It was many years ago coming home from work late at night and there was a report on the radio about the deaths surrounding the Clintons after Bill got the Presidency. I remember a state trooper was found murdered and many others who had dealings with the Clintons and that they were murdered in the same way. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that the people who died before testifying were murdered. Clinton Cartel hard at work and they have so many on the inside on the payroll that if one speaks they die.


  • EVIDENTLY, THE QUEEN IS AFRAID OF MUSLIMS, AS WELL AS THERESA MAY. THE LONDON'S midget Mayor has too much power coming from the millions of bully Muslims across the UK threatening the politicians as never seen before. The UK is in need of some "Balls" to play this dangerous game. The Islam is their worst enemy and they don't know it yet, after 1.400 years?
    Maybe another Hitler (one that hates the Islam) is needed at this time.

  • Historically we know that the queen of England will never miss a thing like that not mention Trump, howewer the once that wrote her speach are to blame. Remember she is not young any more... and I am sure she regret what she did not mention Trump...

  • Ohlala. After Brexit, Britain needs a good relationship with the US but US can care less as they do no need Britain. Europe is compleatly screwed up. Just look, the EU, Germany with millions of muslims wanting to take over the country, France with this young funny guy Macron and Sweden with a socialist Löfven travelling to Poland trying to force them to accept migrants as EU has ordered. Polen has a responsibillity to safeguard their people... Home in Sweden this prime minister has had more then tousends of burned cars, they also have a nice world record being the Rape Country in the world by migrant muslims.

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