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Donald Trump had a big night, but not the sweep he was looking for, during the Super Tuesday primary elections, but his lickspittle lackey Chris Christie became a huge laughingstock on social media, and for good reason!

When he appeared next to Trump with an empty, expressionless look on his face, the internet immediately got to work – and the results were hilarious!!

Remember the Twilight Zone?

How about Hitchcock’s “Psycho”?!

Yeah, it was truly embarrassing for Christie, who was once considered a very credible presidential candidate, to sell out his supposed principles and become just a thug lackey for the Donald’s strongman show.

But that’s not all!! The rotund Governor also got some terrible news from New Jersey:

Yup – he has SIX newspapers calling for his resignation and calling him a disgrace and an embarrassment for his recent actions.

What do you think? Has Chris Christie hit rock bottom or can he go even lower?! Let us know in the comments below!!

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