Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump is a conservative who is leading every poll for the Republican presidential nomination. He is successful at negotiating and arguing, which is why he has made billions of dollars.

Without a teleprompter or script, Trump is now giving many speeches every day on the campaign trail better than any candidate. He is fearless!

But that’s only what we see of Trump on TV. To really get to know him, we need to hear from his talented daughter Ivanka Trump.

During an interview on CNN, the interviewer was determined to make Donald look bad by asking questions about how he treats women in the work place. Instead, Ivanka explains to us what a fantastic boss and leader he is. This is incredible…

“I can only speak to the experience I’ve had,” Trump said. “I’m a female executive at his company at the highest level. And I wouldn’t be the person I am today if he didn’t deeply believe in opportunity for women.”

When asked by moderator Pattie Sellers if she offered any advice to her father following the feud, Trump replied, “My father is an unbelievable listener, and I don’t think people realize that until they actually know him. And he ultimately makes his own decisions and that’s what any leader needs to do.”

via The Hill

Ivanka went onto explain that even though Trump listens well, he ultimately makes his own decision. And as a bold leader, he is also an “unbelievable parent.” That’s why she’s incredible proud of the way her father is disrupting the political process “in a positive way.”

Here is the CNN interview (below). You have to see this!

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